Employee Testimonials

"As a loan processor with Midwest Bank, I truly enjoy assisting the lending team in providing services to our customers. Coming from a corporate bank it's a breath of fresh air to see the involvement and role Midwest Bank, a community bank, plays in our community," -Kara

"Midwest Bank is a community bank where every customer's needs matter. I enjoy working for a bank that takes pride in the quality of customer service they have to offer." -Molly

"My personal satisfaction comes from working side by side with my customer to help them achieve their financial goals. Their goals, regardless of how small or large, are achieved through honesty, commitment, trust, dedication, and communication. Every customer is treated with the best Midwest Bank has to offer and in turn Midwest Bank gets the best customers." -Dionne

"Being involved with an organization like Midwest Bank means being part of a fantastic community. This organization allows us as employees the opportunity to give back to the people in this community who are truly the reason behind the bank's success. That's something I'm very proud to say I am part of." -Craig

"I enjoy working with our customers on a personal basis, getting to know their families and their banking needs. Midwest Bank is also a very community minded bank and I enjoy all the involvement in community activities that we do." -Renae