Enroll to Receive E-Statements

E-Statements are the free and green alternative to traditional paper statements — they're also more convenient! You can access your statements from anywhere, 24/7.

Just like a paper statement, but better

View the same information you would on a traditional paper statement in Online Banking. It's easy to access and more secure — without the paper clutter.

For personal and business accounts

E-Statements are ideal for individuals and businesses. Whether it's your desk at home or at work, keep it clutter-free while saving time, money, and even a tree. Enroll today!

  • Free, 24/7 access to your statements
  • Easy to open, read, and save
  • Eliminates paper clutter
  • More secure than paper statements
  • Print a hard copy if needed

Learn more about E-Statements for your personal account.

Learn more about E-Statements for your business account.