"I've always said that I've been spoiled only having ever worked at Midwest Bank. The people, the resources, the benefits- all would be second best working anywhere else." — Craig

"The mission statement of Midwest Bank (MWB) is to be committed to building lasting relationships with both their customers and employees by consistently exceeding their expectations. When I started with MWB July 31st, 2017 I can tell you that is exactly what happened, my expectations were exceeded. It is exciting to be a part of a growing community bank that is dedicated not only to the customers they serve but also to the people that they employ. I have been welcomed in like family to an atmosphere that is committed to building long-lasting relationships with its customers, and who continues to work with and strengthen its communities." — Holly

"I enjoy coming to work every day. Midwest Bank is my second home, and my coworkers are family to me. Not only having a good relationship with my coworkers but having amazing bonds with our customers is the best. Midwest Bank genuinely cares about their employees and customers!" — Kellie

"I enjoy working for a company that makes it a priority to allow time off to attend family and personal events. My co-workers are more than willing to help out where needed when someone needs to be out of the office." — Carol

"I greatly enjoy working at Midwest Bank! It is an added bonus that the bank is conveniently located in my own hometown. I get the pleasure to not just help our customers every day, but help my family, friends, and neighbors." — Emily

"After 36 years in banking, I still enjoy the excitement a new customer feels when they open their first saving or checking account or purchase a car or a new home. Midwest Bank was there to help them." - Jeff

"I have been employed with the bank since 2015 and truly enjoy working here. One thing that is a big deal for me is that Midwest Bank understands that the employees have families and they are very flexible when my children have an appointment, school program, or if they are sent home sick from daycare. My co-workers are fun to work with and are always willing to help when somebody has "too much on their plate". Midwest Bank truly values its customers and its employees. I am proud to say I work at Midwest Bank." — Sarah

"I think it is wonderful Midwest Bank provides so many excellent services to fit their customer's needs. My colleagues are all very experienced and I enjoy working in such a friendly atmosphere." — Julene

"Midwest Bank is a great place to work. I started part time as a teller in high school, this past May I celebrated 10 years with Midwest Bank and am now a lender. I enjoy working alongside my colleagues to provide great service for our customers." — Allison

"I enjoy the close relationships we build at Midwest Bank, with both with our customers and fellow employees. We know our customers names and they feel we genuinely care, they are not just a number, and the employees working together feel like family. Midwest Bank has a small bank feel with big bank products and service" — Jan

"I have been employed with Midwest Bank for 17 years and have seen many changes that have made banking with us more convenient for our customers. I am proud to be a part of a company that provides great customer service to our customers and cares about the communities that we live in." — Deb

"I really enjoy working for Midwest Bank! I enjoy meeting and helping our customers. I am glad to be part of a company that believes in giving back to the community, providing the best possible customer service and promoting from within." — Sue

The seasons may change up here, but our top-notch service never will.

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