Keep your cash flow running like clockwork — electronically and automatically — with our convenient ACH and wire services.

  • Make and receive vendor payments electronically
  • Ideal for businesses with a high volume of recurring receivables, including:
    • Monthly dues
    • Payments
    • Premiums
  • More efficient and accurate processing
  • Directly deposit employee payroll
  • Streamline recordkeeping
  • Eliminates waste and expense of paper checks
  • More closely predict your overall cash flow
  • Wire funds, hassle-free:
    • Easy, same-day, safe movement of funds
    • Move money locally, regionally, nationally, or even internationally
    • Schedule one-time transfers or create recurring templates for future use
  • View ACH & Wire confirmation details
  • Receive email notifications to multplie email addresses
  • Secure, convenient, and easy to use!

Approval required — Additional fees may apply.

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Looking for more information on our cash management services? Give this guide a look, and be sure to check out some of the recent enhancements we’ve added.

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