Build your dream home.  Let our Mortgage Lending team help you so you can focus on picking out the cabinets, siding, flooring and paint colors!

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Local Processing
  • Quick Decisions


We Offer:

  • One-time origination fee
  • Local construction lending with experienced lenders who will listen to your story
  • Accommodating repayment terms designed uniquely for you
  • Interest paid may be tax deductible*

The following information is typically required:

  • Construction Loan Checklist (Project and Financial Information) 
    • Purchase Agreement for Lot (If Purchasing Land)
    • Blueprints
    • Construction Contract
    • Sworn Construction Statement
    • Homeowners Insurance
    • Valid Picture Identification
    • Personal Tax Returns (Two Years)
    • Business Tax Returns (Two Years)
    • 1099 and K-1's (If applicable) 
    • W-2’s & Paystubs (Last 30 day)

*Consult a tax advisor


The seasons may change up here, but our top-notch service never will.

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