Quicken for Mac 2007 Web Connect


As Midwest Bank completes its system conversion, you will need to modify your QuickBooks settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. Please reference the dates next to each task as this information is time sensitive.

It is important that you perform the following instructions exactly as described and in the order presented. If you do not, your service may stop functioning properly. This conversion should take 15–30 minutes.

Documentation and Procedures

Conversion Preparation

  • Backup your data file. For instructions to back up your data file, choose Help menu > Search. Search for Backing Up, select Backing up data files, and follow the instructions.
  • Download the latest Quicken Update. For instructions to download an update, choose Help menu > Search. Search for Updates, select "Check for Updates," and follow the instructions.

Deactivate Your Accounts at Midwest Bank-MN on or after September 12, 2016

Choose Lists menu > Accounts.

Select the account to deactivate and click Edit.

In the Download Transactions drop-down list, select Not Enabled. Follow the prompts to confirm the deactivation.

Remove the information within the Account Number and Routing Number fields.

Click OK to save your edits.

Repeat steps 2 – 5 for each account at Midwest Bank.

Verify your account list does not display a blue online circle icon for the accounts you are deactivating.

Reactivate Your Accounts at Midwest Bank-MN on or after September 12, 2016

Download your Quicken Web Connect file from www.midwestbank.net.

  • Take note of the date you last had a successful connection. If you have overlapping dates in the Web Connect import, you may end up with duplicate transactions.

Import your transactions to Quicken.

Associate the account to the appropriate account already listed in Quicken. Select Use an existing account.

Match the transactions you are importing to the corresponding existing Quicken account in the drop-down list and click OK.

Repeat steps for each account you are reactivating.

Choose Lists menu > Accounts. Verify each account at Midwest Bank-MN has a blue online circle indicating it has been reactivated for online services.